Peppercorn blend, gill cup in muslin bag $4.50
Peppercorn blend, jar $15.00
Sea salt, jar $10.00
5 Whole nutmegs in muslin bag $2.50
(2) Vanilla Beans $5.00
Bay Leaves $4.50
Licorice Root $0.75
Nutmeg grater $4.00
Mulling spice in muslin bag with recipes$4.50
Wild Brown rice, gill cup, a sweet, nutty flavor$4.50
Kinickinick. A mild smoking blend used by eastern woodland Indians.
Natives introduced early settlers to smoking, which they used both medicinally and ceremonially. Gill cup $4.50
Sumac. "Kinikah"
Used as a healthful smoke or Indian tea similar to lemonade, and seasoning for grilling fish. Gill cup $4.50
Juniper Berries. Used by Eastern woodland tribes in tea and to flavor natural medicines and smoking mixtures.
In cooking, the distinctive flavors of salmon, deer, elk, bear, and turkey are enhanced by this woodsy fragrance. Gill cup $4.50

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