Pewter Seals.

Please specify: Eagle, Thistle, Large Tudor Rose, Celtic,

North Star, Small Tudor Rose, or Fleur-de-lis

$14.00 ea

Sealing Wax. $2.00

Pewter Spoons. Shell salt spoon, $8.00; Salt spoon, $10.00;

Small teaspoon, $10.00; Teaspoon, $10.00; Marrow spoon, $18.00

Pewter Creamer and Sugar. $48.00 ea

Pewter master salt cellar with spoon. $30.00

Pewter porringer. $48.00

Pewter Gravy Boat. $90.00

Polished Pewter Mustard Pot with acorn fineal. $52.00

Pewter candle snuffer, acorn style. $18.00

Pewter Candlesticks 5 1/2" H. $35.00 each

Pewter shaving mug with brush and soap. $65.00

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