Sterling Torque bracelet. Large only. $95.00

Celtic Penandular. Bronze and Brass. $60.00

Sterling-Plated straight pins. $1.00 ea

Earrings, gold-filled. Natural freshwater pearl drops.

Please specify: White or Peach. $45.00

Earrings, 18K gold. Carnelian Drops. $65.00

Earrings, gold-filled. Faux Pearl Drops. $20.00

Earrings, gold plated girandole.

Gold-filled ear wires, pink freshwater pearls. $20.00

Earrings, antiqued gold colored pewter girandole.

Gold-filled ear wires, lapis beads. $20.00

Earrings, Charcoal grey glass pearl drop. $20.00

Earrings, Sterling girandole style with garnet beads. $30.00

Earrings, Gold vermiel girandole style with freshwater pearls.

Gold filled ear wires. $24.00

Earrings, Sterling girandole style unikite bead. $30.00

Earrings, Sterling Fleur-de-Lis girandole style

with silvery freshwater pearls. $24.00

Earrings, Sterling Fleur-de-Lis. $20.00

Earrings, Girandole style with faceted

carnelian beads, gold-filled ear wire $20.00

Earrings, Gold filled vermiel girandole style

with coral beads, gold-filled ear wire $24.00

Necklace, 8 mm, 15 1/2", black onyx on black silk ribbon tie. $28.00

Necklace, 6 mm, 14", natural salmon coral on blue silk ribbon tie. $28.00

Necklace, 4 mm, 15 1/2", red coral on blue silk ribbon tie. $25.00

Necklace, 6 mm, 13", rose quartz on white silk ribbon tie. $25.00

Necklace, 6 mm, 14", white freshwater pearls on navy silk ribbon tie. $25.00

Necklace, 15", charcoal grey glass pearls on black silk ribbon tie. $28.00

Pewter Cloak Clasp. $10.00

Sterling Medalions on silk ribbon.

Please specify: Tudor Rose, Thistle, Fleur-de-lis,

Sailing Ship, or Celtic pentangle. $60.00

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